Brussels Urban Landscape Biennial 2018 (BULB)

The second edition of the Brussels Urban Landscape Biennial (BULB) reviews the increasingly worrying issue of flooding in urban areas. How to manage the complex evacuation of rainwater in an integrated manner? Can landscape architecture provide an answer to such challenges and how? What are the limits of the current way of addressing this question?

Through workshops, learning by doing activities, an exhibition, a day of symposium, curated walks and lectures, the BULB event, which spans two months, tries to sensitize the broad public to the importance of water and its related cycles in the urban landscape. Rather than considering this element as a threat, BULB sees it as a vital and structuring element of this shaped landscape.

The exhibition of the BULB is held at the Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels. A collaboration between Architecture Workroom Brussels, BOZAR, Bureau Bas Smets, Latitude, JNC International and Taktyk.
With the participation of the artists Christian Barani, Andrea Caretto & Raffaella Spagna, Gauthier Oushoorn and Superflex.

The opening of the event will start with a keynote lecture by Georges Descombes at the Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels on September 20th at 8pm, who will highlight a singular culture and an operational landscape and territorial methodology.

Event : 21.09.18 > 11.11.18