Atelier Thomas Serruys

"When i grow up i want to be a psychopath" thus said a very young Thomas Serruys to an inquisitive nun in preparation of his first communion.

Of course he meant psychologist and even though his life took a whole different direction than the academic study of human psyche his words did have a certain ring to them. Like the mind the steel needs to be bend in previously unknown forms so as to attain true perfection.

These unorthodox forms and curves need to be wire fed so the whole can become a radiant structure. A flick of the switch and voilà let there be light. But there is no rest on the seventh day. Thomas has enveloped himself in the work ethic of his atelier's location: the port of Ostend. The cool sea breeze feeds the fire of the furnace, the incessant hammering collides with seagull screeching.

A more inland liaison has been established as a participating artist in the Zaventem project by Lionel Jadot. It is there that Thomas will be presenting a series of sculptural lamps.