Studio Art&Design

Stéphane THOMAS is a furniture designer and creator of individual pieces, who expresses his artistic feelings by mixing modern and traditional production techniques to achieve pure aesthetics in his work.

After graduating with a Master's degree in industrial design at Ecole Supérieure des Arts de Liège (Saint-Luc Art School), he joined the Companions of the Duty to restore historical buildings. In 2018, he opened his studio in Brussels where he now showcases some of his work. Originally from the Vosges mountains in France, a region famous for its wood, he started his career by training in Carpentry.

His work bears the signature of his origins and experiences which he acquired by experimenting with various materials ranging from locally-sourced wood to ropes, including steel and rocks.
Stephane's main ambition is to master transformation techniques whilst respecting raw materials which serve to embellish the final piece. By letting his imagination run wild and by subtly playing with colours he makes each of his creations unique and beautiful, while remaining very practical as any high-quality furniture should be.
Steel and wood intertwine in an audacious set of shelves. Ultra practical desks are the norm with allocated spaces for each object. A chair becomes a wave where the body can relax. Welcome to THOMAS's universe.

Full of great ideas and open to the world surrounding him, Stéphane has signed many partnerships over the years.

He collaborates with an ambassador of French hair care affiliated to l'Oréal, and is in charge of recreating the interior design of their salons while working on their corporate identity. Passionate about glass, he joined forces with the Sprimoglass factory in Liege and now experiments with new production, moulding and colouring techniques.